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  1. The applicant need to follow all the rules imposed by organisers Akshay's MARK modeling management organisation from time to time
  2. The applicant should be in the age bar between 18 to 34 . Age proof should be attached.
  3. The candidate should be natural born Male/ natural born female.
  4. The candidate should not have been married or never been a parent or had a child.
  5. The candidate should have a valid Indian Passport
  6. The candidate should not have any commercial contract with any modelling agency at the time of auditions.
  7. The candidate if shortlisted in the finals then he cannot associate himself with any modelling agency or enter into any commercial contract or Pageant National or International before the completion of the finals
  8. Akshay's MARK Modeling Management Organisation cannot be held responsible for any delay or non receipt of the applications for any reasons.
  9. The travel and stay expenses during the auditions to be strictly borne by the candidates
  10. The candidate need to follow all the rules and regulations framed by the organisers and participate in all the preliminaries and finals in a disciplined manner as per schedule by the organisers.
  11. The candidate cannot hold the organisers responsible in case the sponsors don't deliver the prices as promised by them .
  12. The candidate will participate in all the preliminary rounds which includes sports and fitness rounds, the candidate will be responsible for any physical injury or loss that can arise during his participation in the pageant
  13. The candidate should not have any previous criminal or civil cases registered against him.
  14. The organisers will hold the exclusive rights of the event schedules, may change the dates if required.
  15. The organizers cannot be held responsible for non-occurrence or non- completion of the event.
  16. The organizers decision will be binding and final in case of any dispute.
  17. Pageant Winners and Runner-ups are not allowed to take part in any other Regional, National or International pageants with other organisations upto 10 months from the day of announcement of winners all runner-up. Not adhering to such rules will be an offence which will attract a penalty of five lakh Indian rupees in favour of Akshay's MARK modeling management and the case will be filed under Karnataka Jurisdiction.
  18. Pageant winners and Runner ups would need to edit there social media profiles as per the organization demand along with use of hash tags and tags up-to 12months.
  19. All the decisions of auditions, preliminaries and Finals exclusive rights will be under organization and shall not be questioned. The decision will be fair enough and JUDGES DECISION WILL BE FINAL.
  20. For further information / clarifications email us on